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Hyperseal joint sealant protect even the smallest areas from penetrating humidity. Even when confronted with problematic surfaces like glass, steel or aluminum, the Hyperseal-product line is up for every challenge!



Hyperseal - Joint Sealant


(solvent-less, chemically resistant, Polyurethane-based, highly flexible)



Vertical application




Horizontal application








Hyperglue sealant and tile adhesive combined!

The Hyperglue "two-in-one" concept combines two products. With a single work step, you can do tiling, parquet reclining or lamination and sealing at the same time! Hyperglue is efficient and effective!



Hyperglue - tile- and parquet recliner


(solvent-less, Polyurethane-based, easy, dense, highly flexible)













EPDM Rubber


Rubber Binder M20, the elastic and drainage-enabled membrane can be used as an ideal solution for athletic grounds, swimming pools or children's playgrounds. It is your ideal partner in safety, sports and fun! Minimal effort in application with great results!





(solvent-less, highly flexible, Polyurethane-based, lightstable and UV-resistant)










Hyperdesmo Polyurea


Hyperdesmo Polyurea is the ideal product for coating large areas in industrial buildings, swimming pools or commercial complexes of buildings which are prone to high mechanical stress and a high level of abrasion. Highly reactive coatings in sprayed application!



Hyperdesmo - Polyurea 2K HC


(solvent-less, highly flexible, Polyurethane-based, Gel-time 20-30 Seconds)



two-component, distribution in barrels






Hyperdesmo 2K W


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Special Coatings 

(z. B. for water tanks, anti-fouling-coatings for boats, etc.)



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