Aquasmart DUR®


Two-component, low viscosity, water based, 1:1 by volume,
epoxy coating / primer.


AQUASMART-DUR is a two-component, water based, epoxy coating, specially formulated for use in a 1:1 by volume ratio.

This allows the user to consume even the smallest quantities and store the material for future needs. The viscosity of the material is low and the pot life long, making it ideal for DIY applications.

AQUASMART-DUR can be easily colored with universal pigment pastes available in hardware stores and can be filled with equal parts of quartz sand.


Use as:

• Primer for AQUASMART® range of polyurethane dispersion products as well as Hyperdesmo®
and Epoxy range.
• Primer when humidity barrier properties are
• sealing coat for concrete,
• adhesive layer between old and new concrete,
• Anti-Dust Floor coating
• Protective coating for old metal based structures


Shelf Life:
Can be kept for 12 months minimum in the original unopened pails in dry places and at temperatures of 5-25 oC. Once opened, use as soon as possible.



Component A: 1 Lit, 4 Lit
Component B: 1 Lit, 4 Lit



Clean tools and equipment first with paper and
then using SOLVENT-01. Under no circumstances
should they be re-used to mix/apply polyurethane


aquasmart dur


Features & Benefits

  • 1:1 By volume application ratio

  • Quick curing even at lower temperatures

  • Low-odor, safe and non-flammable (zero VOC).

  • Suitable for application in closed spaces.

  • Easy clean-up 

  • Strong adhesion even on damp or green concrete. Also on iron, galvanized steel, aluminium, glass and wood.

  • Good mechanical properties and abrasion resistance.

  • Easy coloring with water based pigment paste 

  • Visible pot-life



Mixing Ratio:
1 : 1


Mix the two components well manually or using a low speed (300 rpm) mixer.


As primer:
Application in thin coats only. Apply
with roller in one or two coats with total
maximum consumption of 150 gr/m2.
Recoat time cannot be determined in terms of hours since it is highly dependent on weather conditions: It can be as low as 2 hours during summer and as high as 24 hours during winter.

Use the following rule of thumb to determine
when recoating should take place. Recoat (with
material has hardened to the degree where it can
no longer be punctured by finger nail.

• Do not exceed the stated consumption numbers
as this will affect adversely its adhesion and
• Pot life of mixture is 1 hour maximum at 25°C.
• Hot concrete should be wetted before


Technical Data Sheet:

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