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We make sure that you experience the excellent quality of our products. Our instructional courses will provide you with information concerning the composition and possible fields of application of our products. Demonstration and practice will give you the possibility to learn more about the successful application of the respective product. Our team will support you by providing important documents and useful advice, assisting you to start successful application right away!

During our workshops, you will have the opportunity to engage in a vivid exchange of information with our experts. They can help developing new products, optimize existing ones or work on specific solutions. Be innovative with us and embark on a road to shared success!


consulting & support 

Whichever medium you'd like to use, we can answer your questions by phone, E-Mail or video chat. We will respond to your wishes, present solutions and support you in your decision-making processes. In short, we are your reliable partner!

marketing support

we help to increase your client base with targeted marketing activities and inspire your existing clients to try out new concepts and solutions. Ask us for advertising materials such as sample portfolios, flyers, graphics and other visual material. We are also well prepared to assist you in addressing your clients with creative and innovative ideas!



These important and indispensable documents verify the origin, quality and properties of our products. According to our general principle, to create and maintain value with innovative and useful products, we guarantee to provide excellent, ecologically sustainable producs.