Primer PVC®


Low Viscosity, Quick Curing, Cleaning agent and Primer for existing PVC membranes


Primer PVC is a one component low viscosity material designed to clean and prime existing old and new PVC membranes prior to the application of Hyperdesmo® system. 


Apply with brush or roller. Consumption: 100 gr/m².

Shelf Life:

Can be kept for 12 months minimum in the original unopened pails in dry places and at temperatures of 5-25°C. Once opened, use as soon as possible.


1Ltr and 5Ltr pails


For TPO / FPO - substrates please use:


Features & Benefits

  • low viscosity

  • one-component

  • fast-curing

  • easy to apply



Apply with roller at a consumption of 100 gr/m².
Main coat may be applied as soon as primer is no
longer tacky approximately 15-30 minutes. Clean tools and equipment first with paper and then using SOLVENT-01. Rollers will not be reusable.



100gr /m² / layer, respective to the porosity of the substrate.


Recoat after curing (15 to 30 minutes)! Hyperdesmo HAA can be applied as soon as Primer PVC is no longer gluey.



Clean tools with paper towels and Solvent-01 reinigen. Rollers / brushes will not be re-useable.


For further details please refer to the 


Technical Data Sheet:

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