Natural gravel


natural gravel as decorative coating, drainage etc.


our washed and dried natural gravel can be used as a cost-effective coating for balconies / terraces or other decorative coatings. Can be used in indoor and outdoor application scenarios.

Available in three different colous and grain sizes!


Natural gravel can also be used as a drainage solution. Adding a small amount of binding agent will create a solid substance which still is able to drain water. 

Shelf life:
no restrictions


25kg bags


 Naturkies hell 250


Features & Benefits

  • Natural colours

  • rounded gravel

  • untreated

  • UV-stable

  • lightstable

  • flexible in application


The gravel is mixed with a binding agent (Polyurethane or Epoxy, according to application scenario) and applied.


Please contact our tech department for further information or training. 

Naturkies Dunkel 250