Hyperdesmo Thixo Tool®


Revolutionary Rheology modification additive for Hyperdesmo® Range of Products


Thixo-Tool is a unique additive developed by Alchimica in order to solve application difficulties of Hyperdesmo® System Range of products in severely inclined, uneven or completely vertical substrates.

The recommended addition ratio is 10-30% depending on the surface inclination, substrate condition and desired final consumption.
Thixo-Tool can be used alongside Accelerator 3000A when the use of the latter is recommended.


Thixo-Tool should not be used with any of the bitumen extended products in the Hyperdesmo®-PB range, one or two component.


Recommended for:

Increasing the Thixotropy (reducing the self levelling characteristics) of Hyperdesmo® range of products.


For example:

• Waterproofing and protection of PU foams. The non-smooth final surface of the foam makes the application of standard Hyperdesmo® difficult as the coverage is not homogenous. In the hills you will not have enough product and in the troughs there will be an excess of material that may lead to bubbling.

• Waterproofing of flashing details on a roof. Usually these points need several coats of Hyperdesmo® in order to achieve the minimum film thickness. By using Thixo-Tool the application on these points can be done in 1-2 coats maximum.

• Waterproofing and protection of a roof where the substrate is very uneven. As in the case of protection of PU foam mentioned earlier, when a substrate is uneven it is difficult to achieve a uniform thickness of the membrane. By using Thixo-Tool you can modify the rheology of the Hyperdesmo® so that all areas are covered at a uniform consumption.

• Waterproofing and protection of corrugated metal roofs. Once again
this application may prove difficult using self levelling products as once again you will have uneven consumption of material. By using Thixo-Tool you can modify the rheology of the Hyperdesmo® so that all areas are covered at a uniform consumption


Can be used with following products:

Hyperdesmo Classic

Hyperdesmo LV

Hyperdesmo HAA

Hyperdesmo FC


Shelf Life:

Can be kept for 12 months minimum in the original unopened pails in dry places and at temperatures of 5-25°C. Once opened, use as soon as possible.


1kg sausages



Features & Benefits

  • easy application

  • no thinning required but Solvent-01 can be used

  • Causes no additional curing time of the overall coating



Open the can of Hyperdesmo® and mix thoroughly before adding the Thixo-Tool. Open the sausage of Thixo-Tool and empty desired amount by hand into the pail (left over material can be sealed and stored for later use). Addition of Thixo-Tool depends on specific project requirements, but the recommended amounts is 10-30%. 
Mix the Thixo-Tool by a low speed mixer, careful not to introduce air. Apply final material as described in the Technical Data Sheet at time of purchase.


For further details please refer to the 


Technical Data Sheet:

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