Hyperdesmo T Filler®


Unique Water based one component, Aliphatic, Polyurethane
gap filler for marble stone carpets


Hyperdesmo-T Filler is a one component,
aliphatic polyurethane ideal for use as a gap
filler for marble stone carpets. The product is recommended to be used for outdoor
applications. The product has excellent UV, chemical, water and abrasion resistance.
Recommended consumption is 1-2kg/m2 and application is first carried out with rubber spatula in thin layers with low pressure and finished off with short hair roller.

Recommended for:

Even when applied in high binder percentages, the material cures into a transparent and bubble-free layer.


As a gap filler for

  • tiles

  • marble stone carpets (outdoor)

  • wood

  • metal


Shelf Life:
Can be kept for 12 months minimum in the original unopened pails in dry places and at temperatures of 5-25°C. Once opened, use as soon as possible.


4Ltr Pails


Hyperdesmo T


Features & Benefits

  • No thinning is required but SOLVENT-01 may be used.

  • Excellent weather and UV resistance.

  • Excellent thermal resistance, the
    product never turns soft. Max service
    temperature 80°C, max shock
    temperature 200°C.

  • Resistance to cold: The film remains
    elastic even down to -40°C

  • Excellent mechanical properties

  • good chemical resistance

  • water vapour permeable

  • can be applied in thick, bubble-free coats

  • can be pigmented in RAL colours


Apply with rubber spatula, roller or brush in one or multiple coats.


For further details refer to the


Technical Data Sheet:

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