PU-FINISH MATTE is a one-component, low
viscosity polyurethane fluid which cures with the
humidity in the atmosphere to produce a
transparent membrane with very strong adhesion
on most types of substrate. It is aliphatic: No
yellowing as a result of direct exposure to
It is based on pure elastomeric hydrophobic
polyurethane resin, which results in excellent
mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV and natural
element resistance properties.
Apply with brush in one or two coats. Minimum
total consumption: 0.1-0.2 kg/m2.

• Provides very good impregnation of stone,
porous marble & mosaics.
• Provides satin finish to HYPERDESMO®-T and
other aliphatic top-coats.

Not recommended for:
• Unsound substrates,
• application in thick coats,

Apply in very thin coats in order to
avoid bubbling.
• pigmentation, its low viscosity reduces hiding

• Satin result,
• excellent impregnation, even if substrate is only
slightly porous, e.g. marble, mosaic,
• quick curing – no dust pick-up,
• strong and uniform adhesion on almost any
type of surface,
• excellent heat and ultraviolet/UV resistance, it
will not yellow, peel or soften up to 80 o
C, max
shock temperature 200 o
• highly durable when exposed to cold, maintains
its elasticity even down to -40 o
• highly resistant to mechanical stresses (high
tensile strength and abrasion resistance),
• resistant to chemicals.