Hyperdesmo ADY 1K SL®


One component, 100% solids, fully aliphatic,
polyurethane Marble Stone Binder / top-coat / paint.


Features & Benefits


HYPERDESMO®-ADY-1K SL is a one-omponent, 100% solids, fully aliphatic polyurethane resin, which, once cured, produces a tough glossy membrane with excellent mechanical and UV resistance properties. The application of the product range from UV protective coat (pigmented with Alchimica pigment pastes) for self levelling polyurethane and epoxy based flooring resins, to binder for marble stone carpet applications, especially for indoor use where
solvent is highly undesirable.


Recommended as:

  • Polyurethane flooring systems (Hyperfloor system),

  • binder for marble stone carpet applications


To prevent bubbling avoid a percentage of over 4%.


Shelf Life:
Can be kept for 12 months minimum in the original unopened pails in dry places and at temperatures of 5-25°C. Once opened, use as soon as possible.


1Ltr, 4Ltr, 20Ltr Pails


 Hyperdesmo ADY 1K SL

  • Solvent-less, 100% solids

  • fully aliphatic, no yellowing resulting from UV exposure

  • strong and uniform adhesion over the entire surface

  • excellent resistance to heat, it will not yellow, peel or soften up to 80°C.

  • Very high resistance to mechanical stresses (high
    tensile strength and abrasion resistance).

  • outstanding resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis.

  • odourless


Mixing ratio:
4% binder measured by the weight of the stones



25kg stones + 1kg Hyperdesmo ADY 1K SL


Application as a marble stone binder requires 4% by weight of product to be mixed with stones. In marble stone applications, waterproofing of substrate with Hyperdesmo-System must   carried out below the marble stone layer.

Clean the surface using jet water, if possible. Remove oil, grease and wax contaminants. Cement laitance, loose particles, mould release agents, cured membranes, etc. must also be removed. Glassy surfaces must either be grinded or primed with PRIMER-T. (Further primer information available on request from our tech. department.) The application surface must be dry.


When applying stone carpets, use a mixture of water and dish liquid (max. 10% dish liquid) as a separating agent for planing tools.

For further details please refer to the  

Technical Data Sheet:

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