Colour Quarz


Polyurethane- or Epoxy-pigmentet natural quartz
in various colours and grain sizes


With our natural quartz in various grain sizes you can design all kinds of decorative coatings.

Naturally rounded stones or pigmented in various colours, your floorings will stick out!


Shelf life:


20kg / 25kg Bags


Marlboro 1


Marlboro 2


Features & Benefits

  • washed and sieved

  • natural finish or pigmented

  • UV-resistant / lightstable
    (Polyurethane-coated quartz)

  • flexible in application


mixing ratio:
according to binder

25kg quartz + 1.5 - 2kg binder


Please contact our technical department for recommendations 


The quartz is mixed with the suitable binding agent and then applied to the substrate with a spatula. 


For training courses please contact our team!