Aquasmart PU 2K®


Water based, two-component Fully Aliphatic Polyurethane Coating,
for waterproofing & protection.


Features & Benefits


AQUASMART PU is a two component, water based, aliphatic coating with exceptional performance in a multitude of applications. Apart from the water, chemical and UV resistance the material also displays exceptional ease of application. Due to the thixotropic nature it is easily applied on any surface no matter how complex.

Apply with brush, roller or airless spraying in two coats with minimum total consumption of
1.2-1.5 kg/m2.


Recommended for:

  • Waterproofing and protection of:

  • PU-foam roofs

  • light roofing made of metal or fibrous cement

  • Under tile applications such as wet rooms or stone carpet


Shelf Life:
Can be kept for 12 months minimum in the original unopened pails in dry places and at temperatures of 5-25 oC. Once opened, use as soon as possible.


12,125kg Pail

A 0,125kg Can
B 12kg Pail

  • Water based

  • Easy to apply & repair.

  • Thixotropic

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • Seamless.

  • Elastic.

  • Capable of bridging small cracks.

  • Highly resistant to stagnating water.

  • Water vapor transmission: The film
    breathes so there is no accumulation of humidity under the coat.

  • Excellent weather and UV resistance.
    The colour reflects much of the solar
    energy and so reduces the internal
    temperature of structures considerably.

  • Easy coloring of product with any water-based pigment paste available at hardware stores.


Mixing Ratio:
1 : 0,1



Clean the substrate using a high pressure washer, if possible. Remove oil, grease and wax contaminants. Cement laitance, loose particles, mould release agents, cured membranes must also be removed. Surface irregularities should also be filled.


For further details please refer to the 

Technical Data Sheet:

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Certified according to ETAG005

eota 50x18


aquasmart pu 2k