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Aquadur Primer®


Two-component, water based, epoxy coating / primer


AQUADUR is a two-component, water based, epoxy coating. It has a track record of more than 20 years of successful use as primer for the HYPERDESMO® line of products, as well as other Alchimica polyurethane based products.


It is certified as "Class III” water and humidity barrier, which makes it ideal for applications subject to negative pressure / rising humidity.


An easy to use and safe (zero VOC) product with many applications besides priming.


Use as:

  • Primer in applications with rising humidity / negative pressure (tanks, pools, foundations etc.),

  • primer for other systems, e.g. epoxy or polyurethane based, cementitious,

  • sealing coat for concrete,

  • adhesive layer between old and new concrete,

  • water / humidity barrier.


Shelf Life:

Can be kept for 12 months minimum in the original unopened pails in dry places and at temperatures of 5-25 oC. Once opened, use as soon as possible.


4kg Plastic Pails

(A 1kg : B 3kg)


20kg Metal Pails

(A 5kg : B 15kg)




Features & Benefits

  • Highly effective water/humidity barrier.

  • Easy application (water based).

  • Low-odor, safe and non-flammable (zero VOC).

  • Suitable for application in closed spaces.

  • Easy clean-up.

  • Strong adhesion even on damp or green concrete. Also on iron, galvanized steel,
    aluminium, glass and wood.

  • Good mechanical properties and abrasion resistance.


Mixing Ratio:
1 : 3


- As primer:
Application in thin coats only. Apply
with roller in one or two coats with total
consumption of 150 gr/m2


- As water/humidity barrier:
Apply with roller in three coats with total
consumption of 600 gr/m2


Recoat time cannot be determined in terms of hours since it is highly dependent on weather conditions: It can be as low as 5 hours during summer and as high as 24 hours during winter.


Use the following rule of thumb to determine
when recoating should take place. Recoat (with
AQUADUR or HYPERDESMO®) once the colour on the current coat goes from milky white to
transparent. Also check that the current coat has hardened to the degree where it can no longer be punctured by finger nail.


For further details refer to the Technical Data Sheet 

Technical Data Sheet:

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