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Accelerator for Hyperdesmo-System - contains solvents


ACCELERATOR-3000A is a high technology curing accelerator specifically designed for HYPERDESMO® and HYPERDESMO®-LV.


This product has been formulated in order to achieve the best relationship between pot-life and cure speed.

Along with improving the dry time of HYPERDESMO®, it boosts the mechanical properties, the hardness and chemical resistance of the coating.

ACCELERATOR-3000A® can be kept for minimum 12 months in the original unopened pails at a temperature of 5°C - 25°C in dry places.
When you open a pail try to use it immediately.
Keep out from the reach of children


1 kg Pails


Accelerator-3000A is also available solvent-less (Accelerator 3000)


Features & Benefits

  • Acceleration of HYPERDESMO range of products curing particularly during winter (low temperature and humidity).

  • Bubbling and other surface defects eliminated.

  • Thick coat application possible.

  • Substantial increase of the film’s thixotropy (aids application on vertical substrates)

  • General improvement of the mechanical properties of the final HYPERDESMO® membrane.

  • Non-toxic


Mixing Ratios:
Hyperdesmo/ Accelerator 3000A : 25 Kg/ 1Kg
Hyperdesmo Lv/ Accelerator 3000A : 25 Kg/1.5 Kg
Hyperdesmo®-S/ Accelerator 3000A : 25 Kg/ 0,250 Kg


Prior to application, shake the pail containing Accelerator 3000A. Pour the content of the
pail into the pail containing Hyperdesmo® , Hyperdemo LV® or Hyperdesmo®-S. Mix
thoroughly using a low speed electric mixer and immediately apply.


Technical Data Sheet:

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