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Aquasmart Thermo fulfills the highest quality standards and is easy in handling. Applied in thin coats of 2-3 milimeters using a low amount of material, Aquasmart Thermo provides a cost-effective, energetic optimisation of newly created buildings and existing buildings alike. Certificates of MPA Braunschweig confirm these properties, please refer to our detailed product description...


An application protocol of a terrace housing can be found here...


Our application video can be found here...




Aquasmart Thermo – an innovative system of thermo-energetic facade coatings.


The one-component, 100% aliphatic, water-based, elastomer and closed-cell Polyurethane coating combines humidity protection with thermal insulation. Additional properties are:

  • water-proof

  • water vapor-permeable

  • insulating

  • resistant to bacteria

  • reflective

  • weatherproof

  • dirt-repellent



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